Tetiana Sanina

Sociologist, Coordinator of Desk Research and Quantitative Research

National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA) graduate, Master’s of Sociology, Head of the Charodim Resource Center for Children and Adolescents, trainer, author of popular science articles, childhood researcher, family mediator, participant in the volunteer project, the League of Mediators of Ukraine, supervisor and mentor of mediators, member of the Association of Family Mediators of Ukraine, senior lecturer at the Department of Sociology in NaUKMA, producer of film and video projects. Author of socio-psychological novels from the Stories of Mediation series.

Areas of interest: sociology of childhood, development of emotional intelligence, theory of multiple intelligences, nonviolent communication (NVC), and restorative justice.

Yuliia Sobol

Project manager, Сhildhood Researcher

Manager of cultural projects, organizational coordinator of the NGO Cultural Geographies. Since 2015, Yuliia has been actively involved in cultural and innovative educational projects for children and adolescents as a co-founder of the Children's Geographies. Children's Geographies draws attention to the presence of children in urban space and provides youth with the necessary tools to understand key processes in the city and society. During three years of active work in this direction, more than 10 unique projects allowed children to gain new knowledge and skills in applying artistic and research methods for emancipatory practices. These events were held in cooperation with leading cultural institutions in both Ukraine and abroad. Yuliia, who worked on her master's in Sociology and Social Anthropology at the Central European University in Budapest, Hungary, in 2017-18, has studied the practice of children’s independent movement in the city.

Tina Polek

Anthropologist, Coordinator of the Qualitative Research

Candidate of Historical Sciences. Co-founder of the Centre for Applied Anthropology, the activities of which are aimed at conducting essential anthropological research and the formal institutionalization of Socio-Cultural Anthropology in Ukraine. Member of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA). Business anthropologist at Innovecs. Author featured in the book "Children's book about Ukrainian traditions" (Duliby, 2018,.) with various other scientific anthropological research and popular science articles published on the history of anthropology, urban anthropology, digital anthropology, corporate anthropology and more. Hosts an educational Ukrainian Telegram channel Anthropologyn’ka.

Mariia Matiashova

PR and communications manager

Photographer, artist, communication manager. Among Maria's interests are rethinking of post-industrial territories, a view of nature outside of anthropocentrism, and a critique of narcissistic society. She is interested in the topics of loneliness, art as self-therapy, overproduction of information and the impact of social networks on everyday life and the human psyche.

Natalia Shulha

Illustrator, graphic designer

Works on book illustrations and covers, in particular for publishing houses CANactions, VARTO,, illustrations for Urban Curators NGO, SIDAA, MOM, Engineering Week and others.